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Known as the “triple A” influence behind many behavioral addictions, accessibility, affordability and anonymity are intrinsically tied to pornography addiction.


Online pornography accounts for the majority of porn use today. The nature of the internet is such that porn is widely available, affordable and can be accessed anonymously. These three factors are key ingredients behind behavioral addictions.




Previous generations had a much more difficult time accessing pornography. Video rental shops and magazine sales were once the major players in commodifying pornography, and in order to gain access, people once had to leave their homes to go shopping and show their ID card to prove their age.

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Nowadays, pornography is one “click” or “tap” away, and age verification procedures are rarely robust enough to actually keep kids away from adult content. When children access pornography, it can skew their perception of sex, and lead to aversion or fixation — possibly setting the stage for addiction in later life.




While some pornography websites charge users, there are many ways to access pornography for free or very cheaply online. Additionally, since pornographic content is available freely, one of the main methods for age detection — whether or not a user has a credit card — can be easily bypassed by younger internet users.


Although online pornography is often free or very cheap, once a person becomes addicted, they may begin to seek out “premium” content. Those who suffer from pornography addiction may graduate from using freely available online pornography to paying for pornography subscriptions in a way that, much like online gambling, can lead to financial distress.




As devices become smaller and more necessary for daily life, accessing pornography online has become increasingly easy to hide from others.


Parenting guides from the early days of the internet often recommend keeping the family computer in a public part of the house in order to monitor what children access online, but now that smartphones and other “always connected” internet devices are everywhere, it’s easier than ever to hide pornography use from family members and spouses.


Relief from Pornography Addiction


Pornography addiction is spurred by the easy availability of pornography online and by the anonymity with which it can be viewed. Because pornography addiction is so easily enabled by technology, it can be difficult for those who are suffering from addiction to separate themselves from temptation.


Inpatient facilities, such as Desert Solace’s addiction treatment facility in Dammeron Valley, Utah, allow clients to remove themselves from both the stressors of their daily lives and from the technology that enables their addiction.


At Desert Solace, clients learn to communicate openly and honestly with one another and themselves, working with counselors in group and individual therapy sessions to get in touch with the underlying emotions driving their behavioral and substance addictions.


Although pornography is available nearly everywhere, addiction isn’t an inevitability. Those who are struggling with addiction can break free — Desert Solace can help.


Desert Solace is an inpatient addiction treatment center in St. George, Utah. Desert Solace specializes in the treatment of pornography and sex addictions. Additionally, they offer treatment programs for gaming, gambling and substance abuse. Their inpatient facility for porn, sex, gaming, gambling and substance addictions features professional, licensed counselors, a professional chef, equine therapy and more. With ongoing outpatient support for patients and their loved ones via phone calls and online messaging, Desert Solace believes in involving the client’s family in the pornography and sex addiction recovery process.


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