Sexual Addiction Therapy

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Sexual Addiction Therapy

Experiencing sexual addiction can be a scary thing, for the individual struggling with addiction and for their spouse or loved ones. Getting help for sexual addiction can also be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. The first to getting help is figuring out what options are available. Sexual addiction therapy is crucial for overcoming your addiction.

In almost all situations where sexual addiction is affecting a relationship or marriage, both parties will need specialized help. The addict’s actions aren’t necessarily the source of pain. Most spouses experience heavy trauma from the betrayal caused by lying, broken promises, and loss of trust.

Many people suffer from sexual addictions and don’t know where to go for help. You are not alone. Don’t continue to let addiction cause damage to your spouse, family life, job, or health. You deserve to have peace in your life. We can give you hope that recovery is possible.

What are the signs and symptoms of sexual addiction?

In spite of a growing amount of research confirming the existence of sexual addiction, the psychiatric community has yet to officially recognize and describe specific diagnostic criteria for sex addictions; however, some experts in the field have identified symptoms and signs that are similar to other addictions. Sex addicts have been described as suffering from a pattern of compulsive sexual behavior that leads to significant consequences or distress that may include:

  • Psychological or physical feelings of withdrawal when unable to participate in the addictive behavior
  • Decreased tolerance and an intense desire for more activity or a need to increase intensity of behavior to achieve the desired effect
  •  Increased time spent in pursuing the addiction, or planning, engaging in, or recovering from the behavior
  •  Desire to stop the behavior with numerous unsuccessful attempts to stop engaging in the behavior
  •  Neglecting important obligations, including work, social or family activities, or school responsibilities because of the behavior
  •  Continuing the behavior despite suffering physical or psychological problems caused or worsened by the sexual behavior

Although it is more rare, sexually compulsive behavior may also be caused by or associated with developmental disorders, borderline personality disorder, dependent personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and multiple personality disorder (MPD). These issues may need to be treated on a more intensive level.

What types of behaviors constitute sexual addiction?

  • Pornography Addiction
  • Compulsive Masturbation
  • Chronic Infidelity
  • Online Hookups
  • Exhibitionism
  • Love & Relationship Addiction
  • Prostitutes & Massage
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Strip Clubs
  • Voyeurism

Sexual addiction is considered a process addiction, similar to binge eating, video gaming, gambling, internet, workaholism, spending, and exercise.

What is the Treatment for Sexual Addiction?

Desert Solace uses specialized therapy to help individuals with sex addiction overcome their addiction. We have developed a program that is backed by years of research into the most effective techniques for treating sexual addiction. Our clients are able learn their individual triggers for compulsive sexual behaviors (sometimes called acting out).

We can also help you learn to recognize your “inner addict” in a way that will help you avoid giving in to your compulsive behaviors and eventually control those behaviors. Our final goal is to teach you a healthy way of living life and seeing the world in a such a way that you no longer feel it necessary to act out in your addiction.

Desert Solace is able to treat addicts whose issues range in severity. In addiction to our outpatient clinic, we also have a residential inpatient program that treats those with severe addictive issues.

Many people with a pornography or sexual addiction benefit from the support and structure of recovery groups. Desert Solace is a big proponent of 12 Step programs like Sex Addicts Anonymous, the LDS church’s Addiction Recovery Program, SA Lifeline, and Sexaholics Anonymous.

Why Should I Seek Help for Sexual Addiction?

There are a number of potentially devastating complications of sexual addiction, including:

  • PLack of trust in marriage and other important relationships
  • Disconnection from family, friends and children
  • Separation or divorce
  • Contracting potentially fatal sexually transmitted diseases
  • Decrease in work productivity or attendance due to the preoccupation with
    the addiction, potentially leading to loss of a job or career
  • Incurring large amounts of debt or loss of money
  • Legal issues like sexual harassment or criminal consequences may result
  • Potential attraction to minors which may lead to even more devastating
  • Crippling guilt and shame

What a betrayed spouse needs:

  • Specific and detailed direction regarding boundaries, self-care, health issues,
    dealing with family
  • Validation of their feelings and understanding of their reality
  • Education about addiction, disclosure, support and family issues
  • Disclosure and clarity regarding the addict’s history and actions
  • Support from those who have had similar experiences
  • A plan for moving forward
  • An understanding of how to re-establish trust and overcome betrayal
  • Hope

Desert Solace Outpatient Can Help You

Desert Solace has licensed therapists who understand that sexual addiction, porn addiction, and love addiction are very real addictions with devastating consequences. Desert Solace has been helping people recover from these addictions for almost a decade now.

Desert Solace therapists employ addiction treatment strategies specifically for the recovery and elimination of the sexual behaviors that interfere with your life.

Desert Solace treats people just like you. Men, women, married, single: many people struggle with sexual addiction. There is no judgment, only help.

Desert Solace provides individual and couples therapy, specializing in sexual addiction.

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