Video Gaming Addiction

Video Gaming Addiction

While games are fun and play should definitely be part of our lives, sometimes playing games gets out of hand — specifically video games. The interactive nature of video games makes them insidiously addictive, eating up hours upon hours of time. At Desert Solace, we treat men who are seeking help with their addiction to gaming.

Note: We offer gaming addiction treatment in conjunction with our pornography addiction treatment program.

Video game addiction is becoming increasingly common among American adults. With the increased availability and access to video games more individuals and their families are being impacted by destructive, compulsive gaming.

If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to video games, please contact us for a confidential consultation.

Gaming Addiction Takes Priority Over Other Activities

Gaming disorder was first incorporated into the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) in 2017, and presents as an individual’s impaired control over their gaming. Gaming addiction can overtake someone’s life, as well as cause pain for the people close to them. When a person suffers from an addiction to games the games take priority over their lives. Sufferers of an addiction to video games tend to increase their time spent playing games even though this increased time usually is associated with negative outcomes. One of the key concerns with video games is that modern games are being designed to be addictive. These games can encourage people to play games excessively, far more than what would be considered healthy. Oftentimes, these games offer players the ability to spend additional money on the game, and can induce behaviors related to gambling addictions.

How a Gaming Addiction Hurts You & Your Family

Some young men become so addicted to gaming that they stop attending school and work. They become distant and disconnected from family and loved ones. They spend all their time in front of their screen with their headsets on. Oftentimes games continue throughout the night, disturbing sleep patterns. These men sometimes sleep all day and play games all night, barely venturing out of the house. Their parents are worried sick about their health and their future.

For men who are married with children, the stakes are higher. Because they are sleep deprived from gaming late into the night, they are at risk of performing poorly at work and losing their jobs. They become short tempered with their wives and children and stop participating in family life. Their addiction puts them at risk of losing their connection to their wife and children.

Treating Gaming Addiction in a Judgement-free Environment

As with all of our treatment programs, at Desert Solace we treat our clients addiction to games in a clinical, judgement-free environment. Our residential facility is the perfect place for clients because it provides an escape from the stresses of daily life.

By removing our clients from the digital world that is at the center of their addiction, we are better equipped to tackle the root causes that lead to the destructive behavior.

This is an evolving field of study, and our staff are constantly researching new techniques that have been clinically proven to help our clients recover from gaming addictions.

Our support team takes great care to involve the whole family in the recovery process. Addictive behaviors are not developed in isolation, nor do they only affect one person. Parents, siblings, spouses, friends and children can all be involved in the recovery process.

Recover from Gaming Addiction at Desert Solace

At Desert Solace, we understand how it feels to be stuck in addiction and what it takes to get out of it. We provide the help you need for your gaming addiction in a nonjudgmental environment. Our certified therapists provide help for many issues that are often affiliated with a video gaming addiction, including sex addiction and pornography addiction.

All addictions have some similarities. People become addicted to a substance or a behavior because it helps relieve the anxiety they feel in other areas of their lives. They want to find an escape from the pressures and negative emotions they feel in every day life. The first step is identifying your triggers, and the second step is replacing destructive behaviors with healthy ones, such as riding horses, going for a jog or meditating.

The reason Desert Solace runs an in-patient program is because we believe that the key to success in fighting addiction is to remove the addict from the environment that is tempting to him. This way, we can help him raise awareness and build strength so that he returns with the skills he needs to remain in steady recovery.

To learn more about how Desert Solace can help you or your loved one with a gaming addiction, call us today.

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