Marriage and Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy in Southern Utah:
What You Need To Know

Couples therapy can help you improve your relationship by teaching you how to effectively communicate, solve problems together, understand what your shared values and interests are and how to accept and make room for differences. Using scientifically supported techniques you can decrease conflict, resentment, and loneliness, while also cultivating intimacy, pleasure, excitement, and stability in your relationship. Improving your relationship satisfaction is something that takes work, but can often be done.

Who Benefits from Couples Therapy?

If you are considering marriage counseling or couples therapy, chances are you are experiencing some dissatisfaction in your relationship. But even if you’re not and your relationship is healthy, you may be hoping to enhance existing strengths or work on a few minor issues to make your relationship even better.

Couples in Saint George, Utah face the same issues as those living elsewhere. With that said, the pace and demands of life often seem to exacerbate some relationship issues. Here are some common issues and problems I see in couples therapy:

  • Angry and resentful partner
  • Depressed partner
  • Anxious partner
  • Constant arguments and fighting
  • Low sex or no sex
  • chemistry
  • Infidelity
  • Loss of trust
  • Poor communication
  • Emotionally cold or disconnected partner
  • Inability to commit
  • Constant blame
  • Inability to forgive
  • Discrepancies in values, interests, and lifestyles

Working with a problem-focused counselor creates a situation where relationships can improve in a relatively brief period of time. Some couples may have an issue they have difficulty addressing and resolving on their own, and can benefit from the short-term assistance of a therapist; for other couples, with more complex and multi-layered problems, therapy may be necessary for a few months. Relationship counseling is an emotional investment in your future.

If you have any questions about this process, don’t hesitate to call us (435-673-3333) and we can discuss your situation and what type of counseling will work for you.

Do You Accept Insurance?

We are out of network providers and do not accept insurance directly at our practice. All fees are due at the time of service and range from $100 – $150.00 for the hour. We are happy to provide you with a receipt called a “superbill” that you can submit directly to your insurance for potential reimbursement.

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