Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

It seems no community is immune from substance use disorder and addiction.  When we talk about drugs, we often think of illegal drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamines, but many drug addicts are addicted to prescription medications such as Percocet, Ambien and Ritalin. It can be harder to accept a prescription drug addiction at first because these drugs are prescribed to you by a physician and not bought on the black market. But make no mistake, they can be just as addictive as illegal drugs.

Living in a community in which few people use drugs can make getting help for your addiction even harder, because you fear others’ judgment. Rest assured, at Desert Solace you’ll find no judgment — just kindness, understanding and the help you need.

Note: Substance use often co-occur, so we offer substance use disorder treatment in conjunction with our pornography or sex addiction treatment programs.

Substance abuse will affect millions of Americans in their lifetimes. Despite its prevalence, many feel shame and put off seeking treatment for months or years. Because substance abuse affects the body and mind, by delaying treatment, people suffering from substance abuse may cause further health complications.

We believe a safe, judgment-free environment can help give our neighbors the strength they need to beat substance abuse. As a long-term clinical treatment center based on a spiritually based curriculum, Desert Solace seeks to bring our brothers and sisters out of shame and into the light.

Are You Addicted to Drugs?

When you first start using drugs, you may think you have your habit under control. And that may be true — for a time. But eventually, you may begin to wonder if it’s the substance that has control of you.

One way to tell is to ask yourself a few questions. Have you tried to cut down on your drug use or stop using altogether without success? Have you missed school, work or an important obligation due to your drug use? Do you spend a lot of time and energy during the day thinking about how you will obtain more drugs? Are you spending more money on drugs than you would like?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need the help of the team at Desert Solace.

Substance Abuse Creates Strain on Family Relationships

When someone suffers from substance abuse, it affects everyone in his or her life. Family members, friends, and community members may struggle to understand why their friend and loved one has become reclusive and withdrawn or is inappropriately energized and acting out.

Though he or she may try to keep things moving smoothly in his or her social circles, the person who struggles with addiction may continue to strain his or her relationships. If an intervention is attempted, he or she may become too agitated or mentally absent to internalize the criticism, even if it comes from a place of love.

People suffering with substance abuse and their families often think that out-patient treatments centered on keeping the patient in their home and connected to their daily lives will prove successful, and are disappointed when the person suffering from substance abuse is unable to keep up with the demands of their treatment plan.

Treating Substance Abuse Using a Proven 12-Step Program

Addiction relies on a pattern of behavior as well as chemical dependencies in a person’s brain. Our residential facility is removed from the stresses of patients’ daily lives, breaking them out of destructive behavior patterns for the duration of treatment.

During their stay, patients will learn adaptive behaviors that they can practice at home when they finish treatment. Through a blending of nature and art therapy with proven 12-step program techniques, we nurture our patients spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

We believe that, just as addiction affects everyone in a person’s life, recovery treatment involves his or her friends and family as well.

By educating our patients’ loved ones on how addictions develop and how the treatment process works, we hope to promote healing in our patients’ lives and the lives of their community members. Our support team uses weekly phone sessions to help reaffirm families and patients in their ongoing healing process.

Addiction Treatment in St. George

Desert Solace runs a residential addiction recovery program for men addicted to drugs. We believe that removing the addict from their environment for intensive treatment gives them the best chance at a long-term successful recovery.

As part of our clients’ treatment program, we work to uncover their triggers for using drugs. Addiction is often the result of poor coping mechanisms, stress and anxiety. In our program, we’ll talk about substituting healthy outlets for stress such as hiking or doing yoga. Our facility is located in St. George, Utah, and we incorporate the beauty and wonder of nature into our healing programs.

At Desert Solace, we treat not only addiction to drugs, but also sex addiction and pornography addiction. Oftentimes clients have overlapping addictions, and here, they can get treatment for all of them at once.

As part of helping addicts understand that they are not alone in their struggle, we organize support groups, where members can talk about their challenges, feelings and potential solutions. We run drug addiction support groups, sex addict support groups and pornography addiction support groups.

If you need help fighting your addiction to drugs, contact Desert Solace today. We can help you get your life back on track.

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