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Desert Solace - Pornography and Sex Addiction Treatment

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Founded in 2011, Desert Solace is a residential recovery center in beautiful Southern Utah for individuals and families struggling with addictive behaviors. Enjoy freedom from addictive behaviors and experience the joy and peace that you have been searching for with our pornography and sex addiction treatment program. Our primary focus is the renewal of hope and healing for those struggling with the impact of pornography and sex addiction. While we focus on sex addictions, we also provide treatment for addictions of all kinds, including substance abuse, gaming, and gambling. Desert Solace offers a clinical in-patient and immersive treatment program that works with lasting results. Don't struggle with this on your own; we deeply understand the issues, and we can assist your recovery in an environment of compassion, empathy, and hope.

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We understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed. Trust us, we've been there! Our addiction recovery specialists know what you're going through and are here to guide you to the path to find true recovery.
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The Desert Solace Difference

You may be wondering, “What makes Desert Solace different than any other facility that treats pornography and sexual addictions?” Here are a few reasons why we believe the experience you will have at Desert Solace blows away any other treatment center in the country:


We specialize in treating pornography/sexual addictions. Many of the other centers around the country that claim to treat pornography and sexual addictions also treat other addictions like drugs and alcohol.


Our clinical director is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist who understands the problem and knows the solution to overcoming sexual addiction.


We provide the longest standard treatment program available with our 6-month inpatient/outpatient program.


We provide an ongoing recovery network and support to you and your family for life. We don’t drop our clients once they leave our program, they become members of our own Desert Solace family. Our graduates continue to join our weekly support calls and the wives and family members of graduates also get their own weekly support calls at no cost.


Desert Solace teaches a unique transformational message that transforms clients for the rest of their life.


We provide world-class therapy at a daily rate that is lower than any other residential treatment program we could find.

What We Do

Our aim is to get you healed and back to the important people in your life. With the clinical experts at Desert Solace, you’ll build success plans that help sustain the healing after you’ve returned from our recovery center. Family relationships are strengthened as part of the healing process, and our family-visit program, weekly support conference calls, and post therapy support programs are designed to be lifelong solutions for our patients and their families.


We are a sex addiction and porn rehab recovery center in St. George, Utah. We also treat addiction to drugs, gaming and gambling. We accept men 18 and up into our residential program, created and conceived to allow men the time and space they need to recover fully from their addictions. Our programs are infused with the faith-based principles, helping to motivate clients with God’s love, forgiveness, and strength. Many of our clients have hit bottom when they call us, and they feel helpless. Our innovative treatment program at Desert Solace will give them a sense of hope and show them how to live a life free from addiction, filled with peace, joy and connection.

How We Help

Our experts and clinical professionals have over 100-years of collective experience in understanding and helping people overcome the grip of addiction. We get to the root of the problem with each guest, and work with them and their experiences to provide therapy and training that will help them for their entire life. Our professionals are CSAT certified to address sexual addiction issues, and continue to stay current with methods and standards of the ITEP Institute.


We use research-backed methods and materials specific to treating sex and porn addiction that give our clients the best chance at a full recovery. We provide individual counseling, facilitate sex addict support groups and hold meetings where members talk about how to beat pornography addiction. Our residential facility helps separate addicts from their triggers and relocate them to beautiful surroundings where they have access to equine therapy as well as music and art therapy. Our certified sex addiction therapists and other counselors provide the support our clients are looking for when they need sex addiction help and assistance with overcoming addiction to pornography. We understand that breaking an addiction to pornography is not easy, and we are with you every step of the way.

Call Us Now

Please do not suffer in silence. There is hope and a bright future ahead. If you have pornography addiction or sex addiction, or have a family member suffering from this painful addiction, please contact us. Our program can bring you hope and freedom from the chains of addiction.


When is a good time to get sex addiction or porn addiction help? If you’re reading this, you likely tried to control your addiction on your own and failed. You may be in danger of losing your marriage, family or job. Don’t wait. Don’t convince yourself that dealing with pornography addiction is easy. It’s not. We have a certified sex addiction therapist on staff who understands how to get rid of a pornography addiction. You may be wondering if sex addiction rehab is right for you. Whether you’re addicted to sex, pornography, gaming, gambling or drugs, the team at Desert Solace can help. Give us a call now to discuss whether our program is right for you.


Please contact us for a confidential consultation at (435) 817-1351 or e-mail us directly at

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