Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction, often referred to as sex addiction, can manifest in numerous ways. Some addicts might pressure their partners into excessive sexual engagements. Other sex addicts might seek anonymous sexual encounters, engage in extramarital affairs, or pay sex workers to fill their addiction.

People suffering from sex addiction have difficulties controlling urges related to engaging in sexual fantasies and behaviors. These urges can be damaging in and of themselves, but can cause more damage when a person suffering from sex addiction engages in harmful compulsive behaviors.

Sex addiction can be related to other addictions, and can sometimes develop due to prior addictions. For example, a person suffering from an addiction to pornography might eventually escalate to being addicted to other sexual activities when pornography ceases to provide the same level of release.

Sexual Addiction Affects Whole Families

man feeling depressed with his hands held up to his faceAs with other addictions, porn addiction has effects across all aspects of a person’s life. Work, family and social bonds can all be impacted by addiction. When a person develops an addiction to pornography, their brain is craving a high. The same chemicals associated with drug addictions flood into the brain creating many of the same effects. When individuals start to crave the chemical release associated with viewing pornography other portions of their life suffer. The addiction enables people to get away from the pressures of life in an unhealthy manner.

What sets pornography addiction apart from other addictions is the shame associated with the addiction. Due to the embarrassment and shame many pornography addicts face, they can retreat into feelings of denial instead of seeking treatment for the underlying issues. For most addicts, addiction can be a symptom of a larger underlying problem or problems.

Treating Sex Addiction

A couple sitting in bed, woman using phone in background, man in foreground resting his hand on his hand looking sadIt is important to recognize that sexual addictions are symptoms of other life events. No one becomes addicted to sex in isolation. At Desert Solace we aim to find and treat the root causes and stresses that lead a person to seek out unhealthy outlets for their sexual impulses.

A residential environment can do wonders to help treat sex addiction. By removing our clients from the stress they would normally face, we can treat the underlying problem. Treating addiction takes time, which is why we offer our clients a residential space so they can live stress-free and focus on their treatment.

We work with families to address the addiction. Recovery involves everyone involved. By understanding the mechanisms of addiction, our clients, their spouses and their families are better able to heal from the damage caused by addiction. Our support team reaches out to families and schedules weekly phone sessions for our clients and their families.

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