Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction, otherwise known as gambling disorder or compulsive gambling, is the compulsive and repeated need for a person to engage in gambling behaviors. Gambling has been a long time problem for humans.

Most states have laws that either regulate or ban gambling, but despite these efforts many people still develop an addiction.

When a person has a gambling addiction they will often exhibit behavior similar to substance addictions.

The Effects of a Gambling Addiction

stacked poker chips and a pair of diceGambling can lead to numerous family and financial problems. Gambling, by design, is structured in such a way that players cannot win. The house is always favored. When a gambling addict goes to gamble they are unable to stop at a reasonable point, and might get themselves into extreme debt trying to win big.

Gambling addiction can also have effects on personal and professional lives. Gambling addicts often resort to lying to their family, friends and coworkers to mask their addiction.

A gambling addict might have a difficult time maintaining jobs, relationships or keeping up with schoolwork.

As debt racks up, addicts often lean on their loved ones to help them to pay bills, but they often take that money and gamble it away.

Why Do People Gamble?

a line of poker chips

There are a number of reasons addicts might compulsively gamble. Two common reasons are that addicts seek increased excitement related to wins or they are looking to escape from life.

For many people, gambling provides a feeling of relief when they are stressed.

Sometimes, people who who are addicted to playing video games or use the Internet frequently might be introduced to ways to gamble online, which is an extremely accessible way for people to gamble.

We encourage those suffering from a gambling addiction to contact us for a free consultation. The Desert Solace facility in St. George, Utah, is the perfect place to address the addiction.

Our clients suffering from gambling addictions find that an inpatient, residential facility is perfect for addressing the causes of their addiction. Treating addiction takes time.

Because addictions have effects on the whole family, we make sure to include the family in the treatment. It can be difficult to see a friend or loved one suffer from a gambling addiction, and our support team recognizes that involving them in treatment can be healing for everyone involved.

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