Pornography Addiction

Pornography has likely been around for thousands of years, but in recent decades it has massively expanded in accessibility. Pornography addiction for many people is the “primary addiction.” With the rise of the Internet, smartphones and other media people are being exposed to pornography earlier and earlier.

Many of our clients report exposure at ages as low as five years old. Pornography addiction can develop and start to have an impact much sooner than other addictive behaviors.

Pornography Addiction Impacts All Portions of a Person’s Life

man in a dark room looking at a laptop with his face illuminated by the laptop screenAs with other addictions, porn addiction has effects across all aspects of a person’s life. Work, family and social bonds can all be impacted by addiction. When a person develops an addiction to pornography, their brain is craving a high. The same chemicals associated with drug addictions flood into the brain creating many of the same effects.

When individuals start to crave the chemical release associated with viewing pornography other portions of their life suffer. The addiction enables people to get away from the pressures of life in an unhealthy manner.

What sets pornography addiction apart from other addictions is the shame associated with the addiction. Due to the embarrassment and shame many pornography addicts face, they can retreat into feelings of denial instead of seeking treatment for the underlying issues. For most addicts, addiction can be a symptom of a larger underlying problem or problems.

Treating Addiction to Pornography at a Residential Facility

man with head in hands being offered support by family

When Desert Solace opened, we were the first residential treatment center specializing in porn addiction in the state of Utah. We believe that our clients need to be separated from the stresses of life to properly treat their addiction to pornography.

At Desert Solace, we treat pornography addiction in a clinical, judgement-free environment that allows clients the ability to address the foundational issues that led to their addictions.

We also believe that an addiction to pornography involves the recovery of the spouse and family. An important factor for the addict’s recovery, is for the client’s spouse or family to be involved in treatment. It takes a proper understanding of how addictions develop and how to properly treat the root causes for everyone to properly heal.

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