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While it can be a commonly held belief that pornography addiction is not an actual addiction, when compared to drug addiction and the withdrawal that comes along with drug addiction, it is becoming increasingly regarded as being a true addiction.


At Desert Solace in St. George, Utah we treat all sorts of addictions such as porn, sex, gaming, gambling, and substance abuse problems.


Addressing Pornography Addiction


When we address pornography addiction, we want people to know that it is just as real as any other addiction in that it is defined as, “not being able to get enough of something that you don’t want.”


When we start to combat and compare addictions, we tend to lose the pain, consequence, and severity that such an addiction can have on the addict themselves, along with the family and friends around them who are supporting or enabling.


Pornography addiction effects families and relationships just like any other addiction.


Like so many other addictions pornography addiction can comes from the want to escape like and relationships in an unhealthy way. It is important to note that the aftermath of a pornography addiction is not only about sobriety, but about connection.


When someone is struggling with a pornography addiction, “the brain is craving access to that high.” The same chemicals are flooding the brain in pornography addictions as they do in a variety of other addictions.


This chemical reaction that is craving access to porn and sex allows for the extreme deviant behavior observed in porn addicts. The chemical reactions in the addict’s brain cause the individual to continue coming back for more and more.


As the substance, whether it be porn or a particular fetish, starts to cloud thoughts there is less care about the consequences in terms of personal relationships and the person’s outer world. The addiction becomes more ingrained and the need to continue the deviant behavior becomes stronger.


Pornography addiction is also shame based, just as other addictions are users start to hide their actions and feel shameful. Users tend to retreat into their own world and can start to lie or deceive loved ones, and themselves, along the way.


The longer a pornography addiction goes unacknowledged and untreated the more allowance there is in a user’s life for continued deviant behavior, which can lead to a greater spiral into other sexual deviances and addictions.


We want people to know that pornography addiction is like other addictions in that there is no easy fix. The effects, treatment and recovery of porn, sex, and other addictions requires education, family support, and other factors that can be found at an inpatient pornography and sex addiction treatment center.


Desert Solace is an inpatient addiction treatment center in St. George, Utah. Desert Solace specializes in the treatment of pornography and sex addictions. Additionally, they offer treatment programs for gaming, gambling and substance abuse. Their inpatient facility for porn, sex, gaming, gambling and substance addictions features professional, licensed counselors, a professional chef, equine therapy and more. With ongoing outpatient support for patients and their loved ones via phone calls and online messaging, Desert Solace believes in involving the client’s family in the recovery process.


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