Desert Solace Family Support Program

Desert Solace Family Support Program

At Desert Solace, we are more than just a pornography addiction treatment center. As with all types of addiction, porn, sex, and other behavioral addictions affect more than just the person struggling.

Family members are usually devastated from the effects of a sexual addiction. We know the value of involving the family members of our clients in the treatment process.

When a client is admitted to Desert Solace, his closest family members are invited to join a weekly support conference call hosted by our co-founder and family liaison Jerri Jorgensen. During this call, family members can connect and relate to others who are also experiencing the pain and confusion, as well as the joys and triumphs of the recovery journey. Participants are welcome to continue to join the support call even after their loved one has completed his addiction treatment program. Additional support is provided through an online group message for families.


Family Support program for porn addiction
Family Support for Sex Addiction

Family Weekend at Desert Solace

One of the most impactful components of the Desert Solace treatment program is our monthly family weekend. Each month we invite wives, parents, and other adults who play an integral part in the recovery of their loved one to come to St. George and participate in family weekend activities. Although families attend to support their loved one, each participant is invited to be open to be there for themselves, and learn principles they can apply in their own lives.


At family weekend, the visiting family members have an opportunity to get a glimpse of the Desert Solace program and principles. Family weekend includes education, family equine therapy, as well as other educational and experiential activities designed to assist families in creating an environment that promotes healing and connection. Couples and/or families also have an opportunity to meet privately with our therapists. Other family weekend activities include attendance at a 12-step recovery meeting, experiencing the natural beauty of St. George and surrounding areas such as Zion National Park and Snow Canyon State Park, and off-campus visitation time.


Family weekend is an amazing time for families to reconnect and learn healthy communication and other recovery principles , both individually and as a family. Those who attend frequently report that family weekends are the most powerful experiences of their lives.

We at Desert Solace enthusiastically subscribe to this recovery principle:




True healing from the impact of sex, porn, and any other type of addiction comes from the addict learning to connect with God, his family, others, and most importantly – himself. Our mission is to provide an environment of healing and connection for our clients and their families.

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