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There has been talk about how to discuss pornography addiction with kids, but some people care more about the “why”. Why should kids know about such a crude thing at such a young age? Why is it important for them to know to begin with? Doesn’t this just subject them to the dangers of pornography addiction?

It is important for adults to acknowledge that kids must feel safe enough to come and talk to their elders about addiction.

With this growing age and the excessive use of technology around the world there are unlimited amounts of information at the tip of everyone’s fingers.

It is important that elders make sure their kids are engaging and staying connected in healthy and honest ways. Being able to talk with kids about pornography addiction is just one of these ways.

Connection is all our kids truly want and that is what the opposite of addiction is, it is connection. Healthy and safe connection is important and imperative to a growing mind and this is why it is important to not only education oneself on unhealthy use of internet pornography but to educate children on the reality of such an addiction and what it is does or will do to interpersonal relationships.

The more elders start to open the dialogue for children to start coming to them about important topics like addiction the greater honest and open space there is for kids and growing adults to express themselves without shame.

As the professionals at Desert Solace say, “This is how we shift — This is how we shift the world. Is coming out of our shame, having the courage to reach out and say, ‘This is what I’ve done, this is where I am, this is where I’ve been, and I’m going forward.’”

Pornography addiction is something that tends to hide away more than it should, but at Desert Solace, shining a light on the recovery and reality of such an addiction all the while being open with the children in your life is believed to be an important aspect in the journey of acceptance
and recovery.

When addicts and their loved ones decide to step into the journey of recovery, the children in the family unit should never be excluded from this journey. Children can and should be talked to in an age appropriate way about addiction.

Kids are more conscious and aware then some may like to acknowledge, they are in tune and they feel everything going on around them, so it is important that they are seen, heard and included even through confusing and difficult times.

Concluding on the note that it is important to educate in order to help prevent and persevere through such addictions.

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Why You Should Talk With Kids About Pornography Addiction


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