/ By Julie Forbes


When coming to Desert Solace you might acquire the Curse of the Horse! It is encouraged that everyone acquire this curse. It will make you a different person.                       

I will tell you a story about 6 Mustangs. Each had a purpose and each fulfilled that purpose with a poise and humility unmatched by humans. Let me introduce you to them.             

A special thank you to: 

Jasper: The Healer. True to his name and color he is a symbol of Healing and quiet Strength.

Arselan: The Lion. His look of warning when his boundaries were being tested reminded one of a Lion ready to pounce and his ability to love and forgive was just as powerful. 

Dika: The wee princess. She is small but please don’t let that fool you. She is quick and catty and will let you know in a flash when you are in need of a self-check on how you are being.   

She’s a Breeze: The Matriarch. As the matriarch mare she shows you how to “be” all you can be through example. She “is” first and through that she teaches.

Teancum: My Warrior. He knows how to create safety for the herd because he knows how to create safety for himself 

Magnum: The patient teacher. He is gifted with the ability to communicate and then listen. He lives his life and allows you to live yours as he quietly stands by your side to support and love.

Each of these Mustangs have brought Joy, Love, Deep Soul Searching Moments and so much more. Your life is and can be forever changed because they have been a part of it! Many have moved on to forever homes. 

Some still bless us with their presence……..So……..                             

If you want to meet the various Quarter Horses, Mustangs, Fjord’s and Gypsy Vanner that currently reside at Desert Solace. 

You will find yourself in a place of transformation you may not have thought possible.                       

To achieve what may feel like a desperate dream coming from the anguish and darkness that is brought on by addiction.

IF you are open you will notice about yourself a patient, caring, joyful loving, giving, trusting, transformed being!                                                          

And the list goes on and on as to what else you might find about yourself. 

The horses very adequately provide you a mirror of who you are simply by living in the moment. 

When you choose to listen they will provide for you life lessons that can only come from associating with them. 

Horses are a huge part of life at Desert Solace and we are always amazed that they allow us the privilege of working so close with them. 

Life is blessed because of them.

To find out more about Desert Solace and our incredible equine therapy program, call us now at 435-817-1351. We look forward to hearing from you!