/ By admindesert

My experience at Desert Solace was transformational.  I came to Desert Solace completely broken with not much hope.  My marriage was up in the air and I have 4 young children.  While the thought of leaving them for 90 days was unbearable, I knew I needed help and needed to do something completely different from my other attempts at finding recovery. The staff showed me love and compassion from day 1 and gave me tools to better connect with myself, others, and God.  I had tried other recovery programs before and nothing worked for me.  Desert Solace took an approach that did work for me and helped me find hope, healing, peace, and rid myself of shame.  I learned that I was not in this alone.  I learned how to truly connect.  I learned that I don’t have to be perfect.  While incredibly difficult at times, I can say for myself that giving my full effort to the Desert Solace program has resulted in healed relationships, peace in my soul, and a new outlook on life.  I would recommend Desert Solace without reservation to anyone struggling with a porn or sex addiction.