Brandon McDonald has been with us since June of 2019 when he started the Desert Solace Outpatient Program and was the Director of Operations for the inpatient program. Brandon became one of the owners of Desert Solace in 2022 and transitioned into a role as Director of Marketing.

Born in Idaho but raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Brandon went on a religious mission to southern France. After his mission, he attended the University of Utah, during which he met his wife, Kiley, while on vacation in St. George. After graduating from the greatest school in the state, Brandon went on to law school at UNLV.

After graduating from law school, Brandon practiced law for ten years, running a successful law firm. While in Las Vegas, Brandon and Kiley had four amazing kids. Trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance while managing a law firm became too difficult, which resulted in a situation that fostered addiction. In 2018, after being diagnosed with anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and ADD, Brandon decided that he could no longer live the double-life created by an addiction to pornography that he had hidden for 26 years.

The only problem was that he didn’t know where to go for pornography addiction treatment. The therapist he saw for a year didn’t seem to know how to treat his porn addiction which only resulted in greater hopelessness. After he and his wife did some research online, they found several centers that claimed to treat sexual addictions and called each of them. The only center they called that understood their situation and treated them with love was Desert Solace. After speaking to the owners, Mark and Jerri, and discussing the options together with his wife, Brandon made the choice to go through treatment at Desert Solace in 2018.

After graduating from Desert Solace, Brandon and his wife decided to make it their primary purpose in life to help others who are struggling with pornography addiction. Brandon shut down his law firm in Las Vegas and he and his family moved to St. George, Utah to join the team and start an outpatient program for Desert Solace. Brandon is excited to have the opportunity to directly influence those who are starting out their journey in recovering from addiction!

In his free time, Brandon loves spending time with his family, watching college football, and building Lego sets with his kids. As of 2022 he has decided to get out of an abusive relationship with the Utah Jazz and is now a free agent fan for any NBA team that wants him.