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There are several different parts of the realm of addiction that can make it difficult to deal with, and simply recognizing the presence of addiction in the first place is often high on this list. Sex addiction is no exception, and may be even more difficult in this area in some cases due to the fact that sex, on its own, is not a negative behavior – so when is someone addicted to it?

At Desert Solace, we’re proud to offer caring, compassionate sex and porn addiction recovery programs in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and surrounding states. Our sexual addiction therapy solutions include both inpatient and outpatient options depending on the need, and the process of recognizing and understanding sexual addiction is often a key concept we help with – both for addicts themselves and for those around them. Here are some of the common signs of sex addiction, whether you see them in yourself or someone close to you, and how to differentiate them from normal sexual behaviors.

It's a Fine Line

Before we dig into specific signs of sexual addiction, we went to spend a bit more time on the concept we touched on above. Because sex on its own is a normal, even healthy activity, it can be hard to tell when it crosses the line into something more.

Generally speaking, if you or someone else feel your sexual behavior is causing problems in other areas of life, and that the urge to participate in those activities is difficult to resist, then this could indicate addiction. However, every person and situation is different – even once you’ve read this entire blog, it’s important to know that individual context will always remain vital.

Spending Far Too Much Time Pursuing Sex

In many cases, one of the first things people may notice as evidence of addiction is the sheer amount of time it’s taking up in day-to-day life. If someone with an addiction to sex begins spending more and more time searching for partners, arranging meetings, engaging in activities, or even just thinking about sexual things – far above what would be considered normal – then this could indicate a problem.

For instance, if someone with a partner begins spending more and more time on dating apps, or begins engaging in activities like cybersex that their partner doesn’t know about, then these are possible indicators an addiction.

Loss of Interest in Other Activities

Another common sign is the loss of interest in activities outside of sex. For example, someone who once enjoyed physical exercise or hobbies may no longer find them interesting, and begin instead to fill their free time with sexual activities. This could be a strong indication of an addiction.

Similarly, someone who once enjoyed spending time with family and friends may start actively avoiding these activities in favor of spending more time alone or engaging in sexual pursuits. If this begins happening frequently, then it’s time to consider if addiction could be an issue.

Increased Anxiety or Depression - Often Linked to Sex (Or Lack Thereof)

In other cases, addiction may lead to increased anxiety or depression – specifically related to sexual pursuits. For example, someone who is addicted to sex may feel anxious if they can’t engage in it as much as they would like, and this could be a sign of an underlying problem.

Alternatively, if someone with an active sex life begins feeling depressed due to their activities, then this could be another sign of addiction. The depression may come from guilt or shame related to the activities, or even from a dissatisfaction with their performance.

Taking Unnecessary Risks

The theme of risk-taking is common across several forms of addiction, and sex addiction is no exception. If someone with an addiction to sex begins taking unnecessary risks – such as unprotected sex or engaging in activities that could put them in legal trouble – then this could indicate a problem.

Lack of Control Over Actions or Thoughts

Finally, one of the most common signs of addiction is when users feel like they have lost control and are unable to stop themselves from engaging in the activity. This could be true of someone with a sex addiction, who can’t seem to stop thinking about or engaging in sexual activities, even if they want to.

At Desert Solace, we understand that recognizing and understanding addiction is a difficult process – especially when it comes to sex. That’s why our programs focus on providing the care and support needed to help those struggling with addiction heal, and get back on the path to a healthy, fulfilling life. We’re here for you – please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of any assistance.

If you or someone close to you may be suffering from sex or porn addiction and would like to learn more about our programs in Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and nearby areas, contact us today.