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We at Desert Solace are open to those who need and want to live a life of recovery from many things such as the battles with: sexual addictions, substance abuse, pornography addictions, and even gambling addictions.

Here at Desert Solace we strive to strengthen those in recovery with a 12 step program that includes housing the patient and embracing them in a residential experience to better aid them by allowing them to disconnect from the pressures of life, and primarily focus on their recovery.

Porn addiction and sex addiction can be a difficult or awkward topic for families out there to discuss. The truth of the matter is that pornography addiction is a real issue and an issue that young people can be exposed to so early in their lives with things such as phones, tablets, other smart devices, and easy access to the internet.

Because so many are exposed at such a young age, it becomes something much more dangerous down the road when it starts to conflict with responsibilities and relationships.

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These addictions should never be holding down the quality of life and full potential of you or a loved one. Most of the time, addictions are created when people try to constantly numb or ignore the responsibilities of life, relationships, pain, or trauma.

An escape through vice is trying to be made and the reason porn can be seen as the most primary addiction is because of the exposure and easy access to it.

The families need to also know that it is not just the patient seeking treatment, even though the addiction is from one person the family is still affected and the family is part of the process.

We at Desert Solace implement a residential style of rehabilitation to detoxify the brain, but we also bring in the family with the program. Having things such as family weekends allow the patient to share their recovery and even motivate the family to start making their own self care and self improvement with the patient at hand. Together the family will be able to see that if they all improve as one, they can remain in recovery and remain in a state of self improvement.

Desert Solace is an inpatient addiction treatment center in St. George, Utah. Desert Solace specializes in the treatment of pornography and sex addictions. Additionally, they offer treatment programs for gaming, gambling and substance abuse. Their inpatient facility for porn, sex, gaming, gambling and substance addictions features professional, licensed counselors, a professional chef, equine therapy and more. With ongoing outpatient support for patients and their loved ones via phone calls and online messaging, Desert Solace believes in involving the client’s family in the recovery process.

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