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Alcohol is often known as a trigger for certain behaviors or issues, and it can even be a trigger for certain forms of addiction in some cases. In particular, people who manage sexual addictions on a personal basis will often find that alcohol is one of the triggers associated with negative behaviors – and during the upcoming holiday season, the temptations here tend to grow. 

At Desert Solace, we’re proud to offer caring, compassionate services for those dealing with sex addiction in Nevada or nearby states, including residential programs, outpatient programs and many forms of both individual and couples therapy. How might alcohol serve as a trigger for some who manage sex addiction, and what should those in this position be considering as they enter a holiday season that often includes many more opportunities than normal to consume alcohol? Here’s a look at what’s become an important subject for many people.

Alcohol as a Trigger

As we touched on above, alcohol has long been identified as a major trigger for sexual addiction. For those who are actively managing their sex addiction, it’s important to understand how alcohol can serve as a potential trigger – and why the holiday season in particular can be such an especially challenging time of the year.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions, which can lead to more reckless behavior and a lack of judgment – this can be especially true when it comes to sexual behaviors. As such, those who are managing sex addiction most certainly need to take the time to understand their own relationship with alcohol and how it can lead to potentially dangerous behaviors if not managed properly.

Each Individual is Different

Just like in many other areas of addiction recovery, a vital part of managing alcohol use within sexual addiction is understanding your own individual circumstances. This means taking the time to understand your own personal triggers, including those related to alcohol, and being honest with yourself about how much you can responsibly consume during the holiday season.

Some people, for instance, will know that the moment they ingest even a drop of alcohol, their inhibitions fly out the window and any sense of restraint or control is gone. Others might feel like they can still responsibly consume and even enjoy a drink here or there, as long as they remain conscious of the risks involved.

It’s vital to understand where you fit on this spectrum, so that you can set yourself up for success this holiday season – and beyond! With this basic reality in mind, our next several sections will look at some general tips for how to manage alcohol consumption this holiday season if it’s any kind of trigger for your addiction; again, though, apply the broad concepts here to your individual situation as appropriate.

Be Social - In the Right Ways

When it comes to the holidays, the concept of being social can be a tricky one for those who don’t want to overly stimulate themselves with alcohol or other triggers. Too much exposure to triggers is a problem for many; on the flip side, though, avoiding people leads to feelings of isolation and loneliness, which in turn often fuel addiction.

The key here is to be social, but in moderation and with an eye towards what’s best for your own recovery. This might mean attending holiday functions in a controlled manner – or it may even involve hosting events of your own where you can have more control over the environment and the activities that take place; in either case, know that you’re in charge of your own recovery, and don’t put yourself in situations where alcohol or other triggers are present if you can avoid it.

Set Realistic Expectations

As the holidays approach, it’s easy to make all sorts of grandiose plans – but when dealing with sexual addiction (or any kind of addiction for that matter), it’s important to make sure that your expectations are realistic and in line with your recovery goals.

For instance, think about what activities you’ll be engaged in over the holidays – and whether or not these activities involve alcohol or other triggers for your addiction. If so, it may be best to completely avoid these activities; if not, then you can set realistic expectations for how you’ll be able to handle the situation without letting your addiction take over.

In other words, it’s important to have a plan in place and understand what you’re comfortable doing – as well as what kinds of activities or behaviors may push you too far. Be honest with yourself about this; if something feels like it could be a potential problem, it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Rely on Support Systems

Your support systems are important throughout the year, and this is especially true during the holidays – when you may be more likely to feel lonely, isolated or overwhelmed. Rely on your support systems for guidance and assistance; don’t try to go it alone if things become difficult for you around this time of year.

Ultimately, managing alcohol consumption within sexual addiction is about understanding yourself and knowing where your limits lie. As the holidays approach, it’s important to be mindful of this; you don’t have to steer clear of social gatherings or enjoyable activities altogether, but take steps to protect yourself and ensure that you stay on the path towards a strong recovery. With an honest evaluation of your individual triggers and concerns, as well as support from friends and family, you can make it through the holidays without compromising your sobriety.

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