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Addiction is suffocating and immobilizing. It affects every aspect of an addict’s life and can be difficult to overcome. At Desert Solace recovery center, addiction can be battled and defeated in an environment designed for healing.

Gambling addiction, also known as compulsive gambling or gambling disorder, has many of the same effects as substance abuse, the same behavioral changes and stresses. Gambling, much like other addictions, changes the brain’s chemistry to rely on that source for relief, rewards, and satisfaction.

“Gambling can lead to numerous family and financial problems. Gambling, by design, is structured in such a way that players cannot win. The house is always favored. When a gambling addict goes to gamble they are unable to stop at a reasonable point, and might get themselves into extreme debt trying to win big,” explains Desert Solace.

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As debt racks up and relationships are strained, gambling addiction becomes more and more obvious, and the stakes begin to rise. Recovery and healing is always better sooner rather than later, and reconciliation and freedom is possible with Desert Solace recovery center.

Located in beautiful and peace-filled Southern Utah, Desert Solace is a residential recovery center designed to treat a number of addictive behaviors, including gambling addiction.

“Desert Solace offers a clinical in-patient and immersive treatment program that works with lasting results. Don’t struggle with this on your own; we deeply understand the issues, and we can assist your recovery in an environment of compassion, empathy, and hope,” stated Desert Solace.

An emphasis on holistic recovery and rebuilding relationships is the center of Desert Solace. They understand that addiction has a widespread influence over the family of those struggling, and focus on not just healing the addiction, but healing the relationships as well.

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Desert Solace is an inpatient addiction treatment center in St. George, Utah. Desert Solace specializes in the treatment of pornography and sex addictions. Additionally, they offer treatment programs for gaming, gambling and substance abuse. Their inpatient facility for porn, sex, gaming, gambling and substance addictions features professional, licensed counselors, a professional chef, equine therapy and more. With ongoing outpatient support for patients and their loved ones via phone calls and online messaging, Desert Solace believes in involving the client’s family in the recovery process.

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