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How to Get Residential Pornography Addiction Treatment If You Live in Montana

It can be difficult to find sex addiction treatment centers because there are very few inpatient centers who specialize in treating sex addiction and porn addiction. If you are struggling with a pornography addiction or other sexual addiction and you live in Montana, you might realize that your options for porn rehab are limited. Desert Solace offers pornography addiction help for men in Montana and across the country with our inpatient sexual addiction treatment program. 


Desert Solace has treated men from several cities in Montana, including Billings, Helena and Kalispell.


You might be concerned about the distance between our location in Southern Utah and Montana, but what our clients realize is that the geographic location doesn’t matter as much as the treatment you get. Desert Solace offers a unique, world class treatment for porn addiction and other sex addictions that you can’t get anywhere else.


Because residential treatment requires removing the client from his home environment, the distance from home doesn’t play as big of a factor into where you are during your inpatient stay. In fact, any people prefer to put some distance between them and the area where their addiction thrived. Seeking treatment for sexual addiction can be seen as a painful event and being close to triggering environments can make things harder.


Depending on what area in Montana you live, you might be concerned about the climate of Southern Utah. While it is true that St. George gets fairly warm during the summer months, we are actually located in an area to the Northwest of St. George that is at a higher elevation and stays about 10 degrees cooler than St. George. So the weather here stays pretty pleasant all year round! 

We also Provide Remote Outpatient Pornography Addiction Coaching to Montana Residents

If residential sex addiction treatment isn’t right for you, we also provide online coaching and counseling to residents of Montana through our outpatient pornography and sex addiction treatment program.


Please contact us today to discuss which treatment option is best for you to overcome your pornography addiction or sex addiction.

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There is no reason to continue suffering from porn addiction if you live in Montana. There is hope. The recovery experts at Desert Solace are here to help.


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List of Montana cities We Serve by Population

Billings  117,445

Missoula            74,822

Great Falls          60,403

Bozeman            54,539

Butte-Silver Bow             35,411

Helena  33,120

Kalispell              26,110

Belgrade             11,608

Anaconda-Deer Lodge County    9,491

Havre    9,314

Helena Valley Southeast              8,546

Whitefish           8,492

Evergreen          8,416

Miles City           8,397

Livingston           8,386

Lockwood          8,206

Helena Valley West Central         8,042

Laurel   7,180

Sidney  6,197

Lewistown         6,048