Lynne Clark-Brunson passed away in October of 2021. Lynne was a therapist with Desert Solace since they opened in 2011 and she will be missed deeply. She had a tremendous effect on the men who went through Desert Solace. Her positive influence on their lives is incalculable.

After completing her BA degree at Adams State College and Brigham Young University with a major in music and art, Lynne Clark-Brunson taught music at American Fork High School in Utah.  She also taught art and photography at Dixie State College. She participated in several choirs – either directing or was a participant for many years, including the Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City. She operated a full-service photography studio for more than 45 years.  In her late forties, she returned to school and graduated from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada with a master’s degree in family therapy.

Opening her counseling practice in 1989, Lynne addressed individual and relationship issues, including addictions such as pornography, sex addiction, gambling, eating, drug and alcohol issues, and PTSD.  She is specially trained in trauma resolution techniques: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Field Therapy), and is one of the few therapists in the world who is trained as a Certified TCT (Trauma Conversion Therapist) as well as NLP, Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral, Erickson and others.

In addition to her counseling skills of more than 30 years, Lynne also used Guided Imagery, Music, Art and Meditation to address the underlying issues of self-limiting beliefs and shame that are the root of porn and sex addiction.  She was considered to be a master teacher and used all her varied skills to deliberately engage both sides of the brain in the process of healing and assisting a client to remember who they really are as they find their strength and power to renew their lives.