Desert Solace

A Place for Healing

At our Desert Solace in-patient treatment center, our curriculum is spiritually based and includes individual and group therapy, a 12-step program, health and wellness training, after-care, creative arts, music, and life balance education in the areas of emotional, physical, and relational well-being. We have a dynamic therapy program that includes equine therapy, art therapy, and music therapy that add strength and meaning to the traditional clinical therapy.

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– Individual therapy and Group Therapy

– 12-Step meetings

– Full-time, individualized treatment plan

– Yoga and mindfulness

– Outdoor recreation

– Family weekend

– Equine therapy with on-site horse corral

– Single or Double – occupancy rooms

– Personal trainer and chef on site

– Away from life stressors

– Intensive focus on sobriety and recovery


The Desert Solace facility is built next to one of the most spectacular and beautiful natural red-rock canyons in the western US. Snow canyon is full of hiking trails and bike paths through a desert landscape of slick-rock, sand dunes and majestic canyon walls. The perfect environment for healing and meditation.


There are many programs and methods out there to help overcome addiction, but our research and experience has proven that an in-patient and immersive experience in the best and most-lasting way to make a positive impact for our guests.

Each guest has their own bed and place for learning and private reflection. We’ve designed the center to look, feel and be experienced as much like a comfortable home as possible.


From our patient interaction to our rigorous daily schedule, we promote and train our guests on the importance of living a positive and healthy lifestyle. Our menu, activities and meditation are all designed to build the life skill for our clients to live healthy and productive lives. Daily exercise, frequent yoga session, and a breathtaking natural environment create the perfect healing environment for our guests.


We provide on-site therapy with a collection of loving and gentle horses, and a professionally trained staff. Our guests learn how to take care of and interact with these special animals. Daily interaction helps the patient learn lessons of trust, respect, love, and honesty…all while learning how to ride and take care of another being that depends on their care.


We have a private Facebook page where comments, wins, and inspirational messages can be shared. We invite spouses to post to a private message board for those who prefer not to use Facebook. As we study the current research and findings on addiction and recovery, we learn and share as we collectively embrace this journey of hope, healing, and recovery through experiences and support of each other. Over the years, we have found that these support tools can also transform the lives of families. as well as the client.


At Desert Solace we believe the addictive behaviors of one can affect the entire family, which is why we offer strong support to our client’s families. Our Family Liaison organizes and facilitates weekly support conference calls for parents of the client, (if they are single), and also a different call for spouses. The calls are a safe place to share, ask questions, and learn about self-care and boundaries for family member. We also are a resource to families and past clients after they complete to program and are returning to their lives at home.

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